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Stretch Wrapping



Cousins Packaging is a full line manufacturer of stretch wrap machinery, ranging from semi-automatics to technically advanced, customized, automated systems sold worldwide. Most of North America’s major manufacturers from the food and beverage industry, electronics, building products, military and many others are using Cousins Packaging equipment


For 20 years Orion has been in the business of protecting customers' palletized products. As a leading manufacturer of heavy duty industrial stretch wrapping technology, their goal is to provide the highest quality stretch wrapping systems in the stretch packaging industry. Orion offers the most comprehensive line of end-of-line stretch wrapping pallet packaging products available and continually set the standard for durability, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and performance.


The origins of the Group date back to the 1980’s when ROBOPAC, a small artisan company, started production of the Robot, an innovative idea which would later be patented all over the world: this was a robot equipped with rechargeable batteries and a feeler, which turned autonomously around pallets of any size, applying stretch film to stabilize the load.

Soon the company became known as a world leader in semi-automatic machines for the application of stretch film for stabilizing pallet loads, developing a number of other machines to join the Robot including: rotating tables, horizontal wrapping machines for elongated products, a range of shrink film packaging machines and taping machines.


NITECH has been manufacturing stretch wrappers with straight forward features and economical pricing since 1989. In the late 1980's Nitech developed stretch wrappers backed by 25 company years of metal fabrication, electrical control and gear manufacturing. When we developed our line of stretch wrappers we decided to focus on building a durable and dependable line of machines that would have all the features you need to wrap a product without the high price ticket.

Our stretch wrappers are built using structural steel throughout the machine to hold up when wrapping loads that weigh up to 5,000lb. All operating controls, start, stop and dispenser controls use conventional toggle switches, dials and buttons for durability and long life.


The Nelson Wrap Dispenser has been designed with the operator's back in mind. It is not uncommon to find shipping department employees bending over in awkward positions, or walking backwards around a skid in an attempt to properly wrap a load while using traditional hand-held dispensers. These practices are obviously unsafe. In contrast, the Nelson Wrap Dispenser is designed with a safety first approach. By removing the need to bend down to wrap low loads, or reach up to wrap high loads, the Nelson Wrap Dispenser becomes a remarkable back saver. 

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