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Strapack is a leading manufacturer of high-quality strapping machines and materials, serving shipping and packaging needs around the world. Strapack has been a leader in plastic strapping machinery production since the inception of this type of equipment. Innovative design and dedication to high quality have earned Strapack Strapping Machines a solid reputation as the most dependable strapping machines in the world. Strapack is one of the few companies in the strapping industry distributing only equipment that has been developed and produced by its own manufacturing divisions.


Polychem has strapping machines to suit all applications and all budgets. We offer a full range of fully automatic, automatic, and semi automatic strapping machines that utilize our famous Flexband polypropylene strapping. Semi automatic strapping machines are the most economical choice; a great addition to any mail room. Polychem’s automatic arch machines are extremely reliable and also come in side seal, dual press, small package, and stainless steel configurations. Lastly, our fully automatic arch strappers are for in-line use and require no operator.


In 1921, Fred E. Lins (Felins) took an innovative idea to the production floor and introduced a low cost method of bundling products together with a simple tying machine. Today we utilize a wide variety of cost effective bundling technologies to provide lower cost packaging and bundling alternatives for our customers worldwide.For 90 years Felins has specialized in helping our customers reduce labor, packaging costs and increase throughput at the end of the production line. While some companies try to "think out of the box", at Felins, we often :get rid of the box" entirely!

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